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June 07, 2003

HBO India is showing the Final Flight of the Osiris on Monday June 9, at 8:50pm IST. And the movie is premiering in Indian theatres (so I hear) on June 13.


June 06, 2003

USS Clueless a post about how site after site is getting fed up with Blogger. The points (and their rebuttals) basically are:
  • Archiving: Blogger v1 has many issues with archives. v2 ("Dano") mostly fixes those, as I've seen in about a month of using a private Dano blog. I've haven't had a disappearing archive post yet.
  • Backups: It's not as simple as CItyDesk or even MovableType, but it can be done. I'll have a little more to say about local backups below.
  • WYSIWYG Editing: w.bloggar does decent WYSIWYG editing for any host that supports the Blogger API -- including MovableType.
Actually, the good Captain is spot on as usual -- CityDesk is a far more friendly tool to use (I use it for the rest of but it is too expensive ($349) for the typical blogger (the Captain runs his own server -- hardly a typical blogger). CityDesk's home edition is capped at 500 items per database; not a lot, especially if you are prolific. I've wondered aloud in the CityDesk forums about a Weblogger's Edition, but it is unlikely Fog Creek will take that up at this point of time.

Most bloggers have very kind words for MovableType. I agree, I use MT myself for a private blog in a server when I have shell access. However, it is a pain to set up when you don't have shell access (such as my account) and you don't have a very responsive webhost (I'm in the process of switching now).

Here's a little more on the "local backup" benefit of CityDesk. Most users I've seen actually have very lousy backup procedures. I've frequently seen home users back up their work on CDR or a different computer in their home and say their work is "safe". Yeah, safe until a fire or quake. Now, the Captain may be backing up his work on a secure box in a backed-up data center on the East coast, but I bet most of the (especially non-tech) weblogging community isn't doing anything like that. Blogger may hose your posts once in a while, but it will do so temporarily (I was hosed from April 2-10) and they can restore from backups. With CityDesk, or MovableType on an el cheapo no-backup (or weekly-backup) hosting plan, you are vulnerable -- more so because you've been lulled into a false sense of security.

Bottom line? Think before you switch :-).


June 05, 2003

Blogger's switched me over to Dano -- let's see if archives work better now.


Joel Spolsky on the IE-is-dead meme:
I suppose one possibility is that Microsoft plans to not make IE available to all developers as a component in some future operating system
Joel is far smarter than I can ever hope to be, but this makes no sense. Charging for shdocvw and mshtml (both of which CityDesk uses extensively, btw) makes about as much sense as charging developers who use msvcrt.

What Operating System is Microsoft's biggest enemy in the desktop marketplace? Linux, you say? Guess again -- it's good ol' Windows 98. If you have to ensure that these luddite users upgrade, you'll need to give them a reason... and ensuring that upgrades to the world's most popular browser is continually available to them -- for free -- is an anti-reason, if anything. I expect IE updates to keep coming, including W3C standard chasing; Microsoft spends too much in the W3C for it not to happen. But in future, browser updates are going to come through Windows Update, which as proud paying users of current versions of Windows you will be entitled to use for free.


I've been using Windows Server 2003 as a workstation (hey, it ain't Unix yet, but it has a pretty decent command line) for the past 4 months, and got my first patch today -- and was happy to note it didn't ask for a reboot. If other patches keep this up, my desktop uptime figures (aready better than my X uptimes, with Windows 2000) should improve a lot. | Blog Home | Archives

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